Photo Books

Photo books are a great way to preserve memories of special occasions: a wedding, a birth, a vacation, or just everyday life. The photos are printed into a book with the story you want to tell.

You had a wonderful wedding. You'd like to have something you'll be able to keep and show to your children and maybe even your grandchildren someday. A photo book would be perfect!

You'd like to thank your parents as well as your in-laws. That can be done too. The joy of photo books is that multiple copies can be made, for everyone to enjoy!

I design photo books to be printed at AdoramaPix. AdoramaPix offers lay-flat photo books, so you don't lose anything (or anyone!) in the gutters like you would a traditional book. If you'd prefer a different printer, just let me know. Each printer has different specifications as to the exact page size, and so the pages would need to be designed for the specific printer.

I have a specific style when it comes to photo books. These will either have a colour scheme of 1-3 colours throughout the book or different colours per spread depending on the photos. Either style will also have beige and brown added as neutral colours. I generally do wedding photo books with a colour scheme and other types of books with different colours per spread, but this is up to you. The layouts themselves will change per page.

Text can also be added to the photo books, such as wedding vows or anecdotes from your trip.

Please note that the price listed below is for the design only. What you'll get is the photo book set up in AdoramaPix's ordering system, where you can order it yourself. This allows you to order as many copies (same size, same design) as you'd like, without paying me extra; just pay the price of the book. It also allows you to take advantage of AdoramaPix's sales as you can order the books at any time.

$4.00 USD per spread

Please note: If you didn't take the photos yourself, you must have the rights to the photos. Having a photographer give you digital copies of your photos does not automatically give you the right to have them printed; you must have the rights to the photos or a print release for me to design a photo book with those photos.


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